Washington County, 209th and Johnson

Aloha, OR

A portion of this project provides half-street improvements including a bike lane, curb/planter and sidewalk along the south side of SW Johnson Street, in front of Reedville Elementary School.

About this Project

3J provided design services for a portion of SW Johnson Street and SW 209th Avenue. A portion of this project provides half-street improvements including bike lanes, curb/planters and sidewalks. The project addresses ADA improvements at the intersections, including curb returns to control vehicular turning movements, signage, and pedestrian visibility at the intersections. This was a unique project because there is an elementary school on the project site and construction needed to be completed within 2 months over the summer, prior to the start of the school year. In order to do this, the County closed the road during construction and 3J, the County and the contractor worked as a team to address any design/construction issues to keep the project moving forward.

While working with Washington County, our team was also working with Hillsboro School District on the elementary school located in the same area. Due to our relationship with both clients, we were able to facilitate a partnership between the two that met both the County needs and the School District requirements for frontage improvements. Both projects were completed ahead of schedule. Read more about the partnership.

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    Washington County

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  • Services

    • Civil Engineering
    • Project Management
    • Water Resources Engineering

Prior to this project, the area had only intermittent sidewalks and no bike lanes.

Our project increased safety for pedestrians and bikers, improving visibility at intersections, providing bike lanes, and replacing some precarious parking spaces around Reedville Elementary school.

Final design included a bus drop off in front of Reedville Elementary School.