An Opportunity for Partnership: Washington County and Hillsboro School District

While working with Washington County and the Hillsboro School District on separate projects located in the same area, 3J identified common design needs for both projects. Hillsboro School District needed to make significant upgrades to the historic Reedville Elementary School on the corner of SW 209th Avenue and SW Johnson Street. In the meantime, Washington County had identified roadway improvements for the same section of 209th and Johnson to construct sidewalks. 3J proposed working on the projects in a collaborative manner to streamline the design process and reduce construction time and community impact. Due to our relationship with both clients, we were able to facilitate a project that met both the County needs and the School District’s requirements for frontage improvements.

Construction needed to be completed in 2 months during summer of 2019, in time for back to school season. To meet this deadline, the County closed the road. 3J, the County and the contractor worked as a team to address any design/construction issues to keep the project moving forward and the project was completed one week ahead of schedule.

The partnership allowed for essential construction to take place on both projects while the road was closed. The School District opened their new building addition ahead of schedule, and the County completed more improvements than the original scope. This project illustrates how multiple parties can work together to successfully complete a project that improves the community.

Hillsboro School District replaced the school’s old portables with a permanent, modular building containing five classrooms and a new cafeteria. A parent/bus drop-off area was added to mitigate traffic and safety concerns, and the addition of new playground equipment and all-weather synthetic turf gives students more room to play.

Washington County was able to complete half-street improvements including a bike lane, curb/planter, sidewalk and ADA upgrades. The original scope of the project accounted for bike lanes on one side, but due to the partnership, the team was able to create bike lanes on both sides.