Civil Engineering

We deliver innovative solutions for infrastructure, utilities and buildings.


3J has helped municipal agencies and private clients navigate the civil engineering design process through permitting, bidding, and construction with clear communication and great collaboration. Our teams proudly craft uncompromising and readable plans, promote detailed quality control, and provide strong project management.

For each project, it is our goal to balance the needs of each client with long-term benefits and the best interests of users. Our solutions incorporate realistic sustainability, quality design, and a high level of service. At every step of the design process, we check for compliance with project goals, the budget, and stakeholder expectations. Along the way, we will help identify, manage, and control risks.

Our design expertise

Pedestrian & Vehicular Transportation

We provide the full host of design services for the transportation market. 3J keeps the whole picture in mind while digging into the details to create thorough, well-crafted design plans.

Erosion Control

With increasing regulation in the construction industry, 3J provides thorough and complete erosion control inspections to help our clients stay in compliance.

Feasibility Studies

If not already performed, 3J can complete a feasibility study to determine if a project should be considered further. We thoroughly research each property or alignment by reviewing as-built drawings, prior reports, land use regulations, environmental regulations, goals, and constructability constraints. We can then determine opportunities and constraints and develop a set of alternatives with cost implications. 

Construction Support

3J ensures a project is constructed as designed and the quality of materials and construction practices are up to industry standards and client expectations. When coordinating construction, we hold regular site meetings, respond promptly to RFIs and product submittals, observe site progress, and manage contractor pay requests.

Water & Sanitary Line Infrastructure

We provide full water and sanitary design services for:

  • Water & sanitary master planning
  • Water line replacement
  • Sanitary replacement and upsizing
  • Sanitary pump stations
  • Water & sanitary treatment plant design support

Pervious Paving

We are considered specialists in the engineering and design of pervious pavement, which reduce stormwater runoff volumes, flow, and temperature. We optimize site conditions to:

  • Maintain or mimic pre-development infiltration of stormwater to the groundwater
  • Reduce or eliminate costly stormwater infrastructure
  • Reduce the heat island effect (when using concrete or light colored pavers)
  • Ease permitting
  • Reduce snow and ice build up
  • Eliminate puddles


We have worked throughout Oregon and Southwest Washington, across the United States, and around the world. We understand the complexities of project permitting that will benefit our clients when timing is critical.

“The City of Independence has worked with 3J Consulting for several years. You have made quality control of work products a high priority, which reduces reliance on city staff, and confusion in the field.”
Mike Danko, Public Works & Community Development Director City of Independence