Faubion PK-8 Replacement School

Portland, OR

A new educational facility for PreK through 8th graders is part of Portland Public Schools’ successful 2012 bond measure.

About this Project

A new replacement school for PreK – 8th grade transforms the learning environment for students in the Cully/Concordia neighborhood of NE Portland. It is paired with a new College of Education facility for Concordia University, which is adjacent to the PPS property. A Design Advisory Group (DAG) composed of school and community representatives was integral to the design process. Bora Architects designed the facility.

The complex serves as a new public/private model for higher education and K-12. The programs share space and leverage resources to create a new teaching model for the community. An early childhood education center, a health and wellness center, state-of-the-art STEAM/ Maker Space facilities, a food club with organic and nutritious products, and other services are also included in the project to benefit the neighborhood.

Site challenges included a site close to the Columbia River, which required special care with drywells to help manage stormwater. Building material from the existing school was reused or recycled, including all scrap metal, bricks, asphalt, and concrete. The project is LEED Gold certified.


  • Client

    Portland Public Schools and Concordia University

  • Completion Date

    August 2017

  • Services

    • Civil Engineering
    • Water Resources Engineering

The District is enacting a "3 to PhD" initiative to help make the school the heartbeat of the neighborhood, offering wrap-around services to the Faubion community and Concordia students.

The new school replaces an outdated facility that was previously closed-off from the community and now makes much better use of the available site.

Portland Public School's Faubion preK-8 School

New site facilities and play areas foster learning and play for young children.