Week 6: Surveying 101 with Compass Land Surveyors

Madi spent a week in the field with Compass Land Surveyors to learn about surveying, which gave her a new found appreciation for the work surveyors do on an everyday basis. She learned about surveying equipment and was taught how to find the most accurate survey points. Even though it was hard work, Madi enjoyed her time with Compass and loved hearing all the crazy surveying stories they shared from their time in the industry.

Me with the Compass Land Surveyors truck getting ready to head to sites. The week I spent with them was the hottest week of the summer, so I gained a lot of respect for what they have to do in every kind of weather condition!

Whacking through waist-high blackberry bushes while searching for old property corners, just a typical day in the life of a surveyor! I learned a lot spending time with Compass, and have a lot of respect for what they do.