Week 7 & 8: Submittals, Redlines, Permits...Oh My!

Over halfway through her internship, Madi spent two weeks with the Gold Squad, her final group of designers to work with. They had her assist them with RFI’s, submittals, redlines, permits, contacting manufacturers, and more. She enjoyed this experience because she was able to connect everything she had learned so far and put her new skills to the test with these tasks. Additionally, she was able to get a good understanding of plan sets as she made corrections to the engineers drawings.

Me with (most of) the Gold Squad (missing Taryn Girard). Pictured from left to right: Ken Ota, Madi Wernke, Laura Oxsen, Aaron Murphy (technically not Gold Squad - but we're all a team, right?) and Jesse Emerson.

One of the main things I assist our engineers with is making corrections to their drawings. It has been an awesome way to learn the nuances of how 3J produces professional and accurate plan sets.

During my time with the Gold Squad I worked on a composite utility plan for a new elementary school. One of my favorite parts was configuring all the details of the different water fixtures on the site.