Week 4 & 5: Deep Dive into AutoCAD

In weeks 4 and 5, Madi joined another design team, the Green Squad. They helped further her AutoCAD skills by teaching her how to work with surfaces and grading by going step-by-step through a detention pond design. With the Green Squad’s help, Madi was able to figure out a street and property lot layout on the same site! She really enjoyed being able to complete a design herself, working on it from start to finish.

Me with the members of the Green Squad. Pictured from left to right, Chase Welborn, Josh Gilchrist, Madi Wernke, Jeremy Filan and Steven Case.

The Green Squad helped me start wrapping my head around the complexities of grading and working with surfaces. With lots of assistance from Josh G., I made my first retention pond squeezed between a road and two wetlands on a very tight site.

I got to spend some time creating street, lot, and fire turn around options while working with the Green Squad. It was really eye opening to see how much thought and research goes into a simple street layout!