Week 3: Construction Inspection

For her third week, Madi joined 3J Inspector Sevin Simpson, out in the field. She enjoyed seeing the projects come to life and having Sevin there to explain all the nuances of each project made it all that much more impressive. Madi was able to visit 12 different project sites, attend a couple pre-construction meetings, and assist with aerial photography on a site!

It was so eye opening being a part of the project construction sites and also being able to sit in on a preconstruction meeting. Working with Sevin gave me a different perspective of our projects.

One of my favorite site visits was the Forward Stride site in Beaverton. Forward Stride is an organization that aims to enhance quality of life through horse-centered activities and therapies. It's special to see how 3J donates their services to Forward Stride, allowing them to continue developing their facility so they can serve more of our community.