Week 1 & 2: Introduction to 3J & AutoCAD Basics

During her first 2 weeks at 3J, Madi met everyone in the office and learned a lot of new information. 3J has three design teams: Gold Squad, Green Squad and Blue Squad. Madi joined the Blue Squad, where she learned the basics of AutoCAD, the design software she will be using during her internship.

Me with half of the Blue Squad (missing Ashley Doty and Jake Johnston). Pictured from left to right, Madi Wernke, Brian O'Rourke and Josh Neath.

The view from my desk on a typical day at 3J; AutoCAD on one screen, redlines on the other (and coffee is never too far away). I always have a notepad in front of me to keep track of the endless new AutoCAD commands and features I learn as I work.