Water Resources Engineering

We help manage one of life’s most precious and forceful resources.


Our water resource engineers work diligently to harvest, clean, protect and restore our local water resources. We employ low impact methods to manage stormwater runoff in rural, suburban and urban environments as our first approach.

We have working relationships with many jurisdictions which ensures a cooperative balance between client satisfaction, regulatory permitting, and jurisdictional coordination. We serve commercial developers, landscape architects, parks departments, transportation agencies, and school districts with a variety of needs.

Our Design Expertise

Downstream Analysis

Per jurisdictional requirements, 3J performs analyses of stormwater systems downstream of a project to show the current status of the system and future status of the system with additional stormwater runoff. We gather all useful data including as-builts, stormwater reports for surrounding projects, GIS/LiDAR data, and survey data. We work with the local jurisdiction to determine if there are known capacity issues and make recommendations for improvements where necessary.

Watershed Analysis

To understand watershed behaviors including capacity analysis and modeling of channels and floodplain/floodways boundaries, some projects require a watershed approach. 3J utilizes GIS and LiDAR data, USGS mapping, and aerial photography to develop basins within a watershed. This data provides the framework for estimating peak runoff, determining capacities of open channel and underground conveyance, and delineating or confirming floodplain and floodway boundaries.

Floodplain Modeling

3J develops floodplain models by obtaining available data from FEMA, GIS/LiDAR data or surveyed data. The models are used for floodplain development, culvert removals/replacements, bridge replacements, Letters of Map Change (from FEMA), and No-Rise Certifications.

UIC Compliance

3J works with our clients to develop Underground Injection Control (UIC) plans and reports that will comply with the Oregon Department of Environmental Quality. Additionally, we develop retrofit plans to assist our clients when their systems are not within compliance.

Stormwater Management

We design stormwater management systems for new and retrofit projects including water quality treatment, detention/retention, and conveyance systems. We work very closely with the client to ensure the stormwater management system will meet the requirements of the permitting jurisdiction, while preserving as much buildable land as possible.

“With the conclusion of the Parkrose School District’s Bond Program, I want to take a moment to thank 3J Consulting...The District benefited from 3J’s efforts in quickly responding to unforeseen site conditions. You provided design solutions which are feasible both economically and in the long term.”
Gordon Odette, Vice President at Heery International Parkrose School District Bond Manager