Walker Road Crossing

Beaverton, OR

More than 100,000 people use the Waterhouse Trail each year and a new signalized pedestrian crossing at Walker Road enhances safety for pedestrians and cyclists.

About this Project

A new pedestrian crossing now serves the Waterhouse Trail, which traverses Beaverton’s busy Walker Road. The four-lane thoroughfare is a major east-west connector, and the new signalized crossing provides safe pedestrian and bicycle access to the trail. One of THPRD’s most popular trails, Waterhouse Trail connects residential neighborhoods, employment and commercial centers, schools, and THPRD facilities to bus and light-rail transit and to the regional trail network.

To increase safety, the crossing includes a central pedestrian island for refuge in the middle of the wide street. Stoplights stop traffic, rather than just warn drivers with flashing lights. As part of 3J’s work, approximately 150 feet of the pathways leading to the crossing were redesigned to better accommodate ADA access.


  • Client

    Tualatin Hills Park & Recreation

  • Completion Date

    February 2013

  • Services

    • Civil Engineering
THPRD Walker Road Pedestrian Crossing

Lights at the crossing stop traffic for pedestrians, rather than just flashing yellow to alert drivers.

THPRD Walker Road Pedestrian Crossing

ADA accessibility to Waterhouse Trail has been greatly improved.