Tillamook County Fairgrounds Strategic Plan

Tillamook County, OR

The Fairgrounds boasts the largest facilities in Tillamook County for conventions, meetings, receptions, dances, and RV rallies. The plan creates a sustainable blueprint to improve, locate, and develop facilities and infrastructure.

About this Project

The 63-acre property that comprises the Fairgrounds is developed as recreational land, fairground structures, a half-mile clay racetrack, and paved, grassed and gravel parking areas. The facility hosts a variety of public and private community events, including the annual fair, agriculture and education clubs and groups, recreational opportunities, and storage facilities. It also serves as an emergency evacuation site.

3J employees led the team in preparing the Tillamook County Fair Master Plan, based on local fairgrounds master planning experience, a creative design process, and strategic client & public outreach. The team held a series of forums, stakeholder meetings and staff input to summarize public needs, concerns and opinions. Concurrently, the team analyzed the existing fairgrounds, identified areas of concern and opportunity, and presented findings on-site plan diagrams to show uses during Fair Week and through the rest of the year.

The Strategic Plan was approved by the Tillamook County Board of Commissioners in April 2018 and includes a plan for funding and phasing for long-term implementation.


  • Client

    Tillamook County

  • Completion Date

    April 2018

  • Services

    • Community Planning
    • Project Management
    • Public Involvement

Historic view of the Tillamook County Fairground's Main Hall

Rendering of the Fairground's Main Hall by Greenworks

The team held a series of forums and stakeholder meetings to engage the community and capture their vision

The Tillamook County Fairgrounds serves as a gathering place for the community to showcase their products and skills