Sunset Swim Center Pervious Parking Lot

Beaverton, OR

A sustainable pavement solution replaces over 30,000-sf of worn-out asphalt for users of the swim center and the adjacent Sunset High School.

About this Project

Pervious pavement replaced over 30,000-sf of worn-out asphalt to create a more sustainable and functional parking lot. 3J worked closely with Tualatin Riverkeepers to decreased the impervious footprint and add new trees and landscaping to the parking lot. The pervious concrete material now allows all rainwater to soak directly into the ground, reducing runoff to the sewer system. The paler surface also reduces the heat island effect. 3J designed landscaped islands to restrict heavy vehicle movement in half the parking lot, which allowed a thinner section of concrete to be used and decreased overall costs.


  • Client

    Tualatin Hills Park & Recreation District

  • Completion Date

    September 2013

  • Services

    • Civil Engineering
    • Water Resources Engineering
THPRD Sunset Swim Center Pervious Pavement Lot

Pervious concrete is an environmentally-friendly, functional and long-lasting solution for parking lot applications such as at THPRD's Sunset Swim Center.

THPRD Sunset Swim Center Pervious Pavement Lot

Landscaped islands help direct traffic, allowing thinner concrete surface to beĀ used in some sections, reducing the volume of construction material and decreasing costs.