Stevens Creek Apartments

Happy Valley, OR

Improving the existing creek alignment was essential for this newly built apartment complex.

About this Project

Before the Stevens Creek Apartments could be constructed, nearby Stevens Creek needed to be relocated. 3J identified the existing creek alignment including wetlands, natural habitat and flow conveyance capacity; conducted an analysis to determine where the new creek alignment would be shifted based on the proposed site improvements; and finalized the design for the new stream alignment including reconstructed wetlands, log jams, sediment transportation control through velocity dissipation, floodplain storage and landscaping. 3J’s design was approved by DSL, DEQ and USACE for the realignment of Stevens Creek.

  • Client

    Clackamas County

  • Completion Date

    December 2018

  • Services

    • Community Planning
    • Water Resources Engineering

Careful consideration was made for the installation of plants that would provide habitat and shelter for native animals.

The creek was designed to convey up to the 100-year flood event and contained a pedestrian bridge with abutments.