Sherwood West Preliminary Concept Plan

Sherwood, OR

A 1,300-acre area just outside the City limits of Sherwood, OR could help shape the future of the City. This plan creates a roadmap to help inform future possible growth.

About this Project

The goal of the Sherwood West Preliminary Concept Plan (SWPCP) was to create a roadmap to help inform future possible urban growth expansion decisions, specifically regarding the Urban Reserve Area 5B as designated by Metro. This area, known locally as Sherwood West, is a 1,291-acre area located just west of the existing City limits. The SWPCP illustrated how Sherwood West could be incorporated into the fabric of the City over time in a manner that respects and reflects the strong sense of community and livable neighborhoods. Its design was informed by the attributes that make Sherwood’s existing neighborhoods special, which include neighborhood scale, access to nature and trails, schools and neighborhood-serving retail.

Additionally, a Housing Needs Analysis was completed to better understand Sherwood’s housing needs over the next twenty years, and how Sherwood West may accommodate missing housing types in order to retain affordability in the community. The SWPCP represented a significant step in beginning a community discussion about growth, urban development, and governance, and was the result of a 14-month planning process that encompassed extensive engagement with area property owners, community members, and service providers.

The Plan was unanimously recommended and adopted by City Council in January 2016. The team is preparing a proposal to Metro to include this land as part of the 2018 Urban Growth Boundary amendment.

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    City of Sherwood

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    • Community Planning
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