Sagert Farm Subdivision

Tualatin, OR

This subdivision offers 79 single-family homes to one of the fastest-growing cities in Oregon.

About this Project

The addition of housing continues to become a crucial necessity for the growing city of Tualatin. As one of the last large residential projects in Tualatin, 3J coordinated with several partners in order to complete the 79-lot residential development. The project went through many challenges that any typical city project would be faced with, including neighborhood outreach, land use, and negotiations for sewer extensions and sewer pump decommissioning.

  • Client

    Lennar Northwest

  • Services

    • Civil Engineering
    • Community Planning
    • Water Resources Engineering

One of the largest residential projects in Tualatin adds 79 single-family homes to the community.

Residents are given access to sidewalks, regional trails, and close proximity to shopping and dining.