Redmond Neighborhood Revitalization Plan

Redmond, OR

In the City of Redmond, neighborhoods developed prior to 2010 suffer from an incomplete transportation network, whether it be sidewalks, dedicated bike lanes or off-road trails, and lack access to recreation, commercial services, schools, employment, and other community needs. The Neighborhood Revitalization Plan identifies needed features, new policies and proposed regulations to help these areas thrive.

About this Project

The Redmond Neighborhood Revitalization Plan will improve transportation choices identified in the City’s adopted Comprehensive Plan. The Plan identifies opportunities for improved connectivity, multi-modal choice, and access to neighborhood and community amenities. Tasks include developing an inventory of deficiencies, gaps, needed design features and barriers to achieving the GNP principles; identifying potential opportunities and solutions; establishing a funding analysis that examines the range of improvements and associated costs; establishing a list of needed policy changes, code and plan amendments; and preparing an adoption-ready Neighborhood Revitalization Plan.

The project involved gathering information and ideas from stakeholders throughout Redmond, including community members, business owners, and visitors.

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    City of Redmond

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    • Community Development
    • Project Management
    • Public Involvement

The Redmond Neighborhood Revitalization Plan provides solutions to connect people and places through a complete grid street network and trail system that invites walking and bicycling.

Trails will be provided to link with other pedestrian facilities existing, or planned in the future.