Parkrose Elementary School Renovations

Portland, OR

Small building and site renovations at four elementary schools in eastern Portland enhance security, systems, and ease space constraints.

About this Project

With major bond projects completed under budget, Parkrose School District could complete much-needed security improvements, systems upgrades, and expansions at four existing elementary schools. Design and construction work at Shaver Elementary, Sacramento Elementary, Prescott Elementary, and Russell Academy was undertaken simultaneously. The additions included:

  • a new multi-purpose room and new school offices at Shaver Elementary
  • a new school office suite and new multipurpose room at Sacramento Elementary
  • a new staff lounge, workroom, and front office remodel at Prescott Elementary
  • a new multipurpose room at Russell Academy

3J also helped the District assess its entire UIC inventory and prepare a plan to bring the District into compliance with the DEQ’s UIC program. The District subsequently uncovered all necessary UICs and brought them to the ground surface, and retrofitted all UICs that pose a risk to groundwater quality.


  • Client

    Parkrose School District

  • Completion Date

    August 2014

  • Services

    • Civil Engineering
    • Water Resources Engineering
Parkrose School District Shaver Elementary School Renovation

New school offices were created at Shaver Elementary.

Parkrose School District Shaver Elementary School Renovation

A new multi-purpose room was added to Shaver Elementary.

Parkrose School District Russell Academy Renovation

  A new multipurpose room was added to Russell Academy.

Parkrose School District Sacramento Elementary School Renovation

A new school office suite and a new multipurpose room, as well as reconfiguration of parking were completed at Sacramento Elementary.