McMillan Park Bridge

Beaverton, OR

A new pedestrian bridge enhances a more sustainable walkway for park visitors.

About this Project

3J designed a new pedestrian bridge at McMillan Park, a 3.68-acre neighborhood park in Beaverton. The bridge replaced an old wood box culvert, revised the stream channel, and enhanced the area with native plants. 3J coordinated permitting with the City of Beaverton and helped obtain the Service Provider Letter and DSL, Corps, and NMFS permits for work during the in-water work window.

  • Client

    Tualatin Hills Park & Recreation District

  • Services

    • Civil Engineering
    • Construction Inspection
    • Project Management
    • Water Resources Engineering

To improve water flow, a wider and slightly steeper channel was built with a rip-rapped bed to minimize the erosive nature of higher water velocity through the channel.

A replacement of an old wood box culvert provides easier access through McMillan Park.