Lewis Ridge Apartments

Vancouver, WA

A new apartment complex just off I-205 offers spacious and amenity-filled multi-family housing.

About this Project

An accelerated land use process and a rapid construction schedule facilitated concept design through construction completion for this 112-unit complex within 2 years. Large one- and two-bedroom apartments overlook community amenities including a pool, fitness center, and on-site dog walk. Storm water runoff is treated on-site through landscaping and detention ponds.


  • Client

    DJ2 Development

  • Completion Date

    October 2013

  • Services

    • Civil Engineering
    • Land Use Planning
    • Water Resources Engineering
Lewis Ridge Apartments in Vancouver, WA

The multi-family housing complex adds density to a growing area of Clark County, Washington.

Lewis Ridge Apartments in Vancouver, WA

Water at the complex is detained and filtered into the ground via landscaping and ponds.

Lewis Ridge Apartments in Vancouver, WA

A clubhouse and pool at the center of the site anchor the apartment buildings.