Hoquarton Waterfront Master Plan

Tillamook, OR

As an urban renewal area, improvements to new transportation and recreational amenities became essential for the City of Tillamook along the Hoquarton Slough.

About this Project

3J led a consultant team to assist the City of Tillamook with a plan to guide redevelopment along the City’s historic downtown along the Hoquarton Slough. The plan includes strategies to create an integrated, compact, mixed-use neighborhood with a balanced transportation network that provides safe and attractive access to and from city parks, employment centers, retail shops, and residences. 3J developed pedestrian and bicycle circulation plans as well to enhance walking and biking within and through the area, as well as preferred routes for freight.



  • Client

    Tillamook County

  • Completion Date

    May 2016

  • Services

    • Community Planning