Greenway Park Bridge

Beaverton, OR

Overcoming seasonal flooding to enable year-round access to the Fanno Creek Trail, one of THPRD’s busiest trail systems.

About this Project

THPRD needed a new bridge to connect a parking area with the busy Fanno Creek Trail. Seasonal flooding made the bridge structurally unsafe for pedestrian crossing. 3J provided analysis of the floodplain and stormwater hydraulics to determine the optimal height for the bridge and location of footings. 3J also designed the paved ramps leading to the bridge.


  • Client

    Tualatin Hills Park & Recreation District

  • Completion Date

    May 2016

  • Services

    • Civil Engineering
    • Water Resources Engineering
Greenway Park Pedestrian Bridge

On-grade ramps lead up to the bridge and permit universal access.

Greenway Park Pedestrian Bridge

A pre-engineered bridge from Western Wood Structures was installed without direct impact to the waterway.