Element Townhomes

Lake Oswego, OR

Six single-family attached homes are conveniently located just minutes from Lake Oswego’s retail district and Tryon Creek State Park.

About this Project

Just five minutes from Lake Oswego’s retail district and gourmet restaurants, the high-density residential development includes six single-family attached homes on 18,000 square feet. 3J provided land use planning, civil design and construction administration for this new multifamily development in the City’s downtown area.

  • Client

    JT Smith Companies

  • Services

    • Civil Engineering
    • Community Planning
    • Construction Administration
    • Public Involvement

The building incorporates elements of the Arts and Crafts Style and Oregon Rustic Style consistent with the Downtown Redevelopment Design District.

Each townhome is provided with a two-car garage for personal usage.

Several balconies make it easy for residents to enjoy the views of the community.