Evergreen Middle School

Hillsboro, OR

Significant improvements to the middle school include additional parking options for staff and an easy access fire lane along the perimeter of the school.

About this Project

3J provided civil engineering for the parking lot expansion and building addition with the existing Evergreen Middle School. A fire lane was added to the school, as well as a new basketball court, and cafeteria courtyard for student and staff use. Construction was delayed due to COVID-12 but was able to be completed by the beginning of the school year. The sports field’s drainage issues that were affecting nearby neighborhoods were also addressed.

  • Client

    Hillsboro School District

  • Completion Date

  • Services

    • Civil Engineering

A new fire lane adds easier access in case of an emergency.

A parking lot was added behind the school for more convenient parking options for staff.

3J addressed the sports field accessive drainage issue that was affecting nearby neighborhoods.