Equitable Housing Policy Project

Oregon City, OR

With a population of more than 36,000 people, a broadly scoped code update was necessary for the City of Oregon City.

About this Project

The project included a comprehensive review of residential zoning, development standards, and permitting processes. Investigative work included dialogue with City staff, stakeholder interviews, and review with a technical advisory committee. The scope included a review of all types of residential development opportunities, from individual single-family detached homes to downtown mixed-use projects.

The code was audited against the City’s equitable housing goals including creating more diverse housing options at all income levels with access to community amenities, with the objective of identifying barriers to equitable housing development and providing a series of code amendments to expand the development opportunities. Other tasks included facilitating community and technical advisory committees, conducting public meetings and online surveys, preparing development guides and brochures, creating a development fee calculator, and advising on equitable housing maps.

  • Client

    City of Oregon City

  • Services

    • Community Planning