Three Engineers Promoted to Principals at 3J

3J recently promoted Jesse Emerson, PE, Brian Feeney, PE, and Aaron Murphy, PE, to Principal Engineers at 3J. In this role, they will combine their technical expertise, project management, client relationships, and leadership skills to drive the success of engineering projects and contribute to the overall growth and development of the firm.

Jesse Emerson joined 3J in 2010 and became a partner in 2016. As one of 3J’s first employees, Jesse has been instrumental in growing our engineering team and training younger staff. Jesse has led design efforts for a variety of projects spanning all market sectors and set a high standard for 3J’s deliverables. In this new role, Jesse will lead 3J’s Engineering Operational Development Team which focuses on special project support, maintaining operational efficiencies, and implementing processes that will scale for future growth.

Brian Feeney joined 3J in 2012 as a Project Manager. His expertise and local experience helped diversify 3J’s client base and his leadership skills have contributed to 3J’s growth. With over 25 years of experience, Brian has contributed to over 400 projects at 3J and has worked on several award-winning projects, including Arthouse Student Housing, Gateway Green and Vibrant! Apartments.  Brian is also responsible for growing 3J’s Washington presence, and he oversees 3J’s Tacoma office.

Aaron Murphy joined 3J in 2015 as a Project Manager. He arrived with an extensive experience base and global perspective, having spent the first 14 years of his career working in Australia, Southeast Asia, the Middle East, North America, and Europe. Aaron’s big-picture, strategic thinking has played a key role in 3J‘s expansion into the renewable energy market. Aaron has elevated 3J’s position on the national market, generating project opportunities that span the continental USA and Hawai’i.

“I am looking forward to leveraging my two decades of experience to ensure our fantastic engineering group provides efficient and creative solutions to everything 3J touches.” - Jesse Emerson, PE

“In this new role, I’m looking forward to the opportunities to continue growing the Civil Engineering group and 3J as a whole. Since I joined 3J 12 years ago, I have seen great growth in our firm and people. I’m excited to see what the future holds.” - Brian Feeney, PE

“I’m excited to facilitate 3J’s growth through our team's client-focused solutions, collaborative approaches, market diversification, and overall business resilience. While prioritizing client success, I also actively pursue personal growth, viewing every challenge as an opportunity to enhance both my skills and our team's effectiveness.” - Aaron Murphy