Fregonese and Reisemann Join 3J Consulting

We are proud to announce that Senior Project Manager Scott Fregonese and GIS Manager Julia Reisemann have joined 3J Consulting! Scott and Julia bring years of experience from their time at Fregonese Associates, a premier Portland-based land use planning firm that provided innovative solutions and technical expertise to help communities in Oregon and across the country grow. As Fregonese Associates is winding down their business operations, we’re excited to have these key staff members join the 3J team. Julia and Scott bring exciting new capabilities that will add depth to both our planning and civil teams, supporting our mission of growth.

Scott is a planner and geographer with almost twenty years of experience in land use and transportation planning and policy development. He has helped communities across America with major regional initiatives, local planning and policy, scenario planning and implementation strategies. An alumnus of Oregon State University, Scott likes to spend his free time fly fishing and watching his favorite movie: The Three Amigos.

Julia specializes in the collection, analysis and manipulation of GIS data. She is instrumental in helping clients make informed decisions for the future based on the compilation of numerous data sets and she is experienced with growth capacity and build-out analysis, employment growth rate analysis, and redevelopment opportunity analysis. Julia is from Heidelberg, Germany, and she received her Master of Science in Geography from Portland State University. In her spare time, she likes to bake, cook, garden, foster kittens, and discover new places close and far.

Julia and Scott bring valuable expertise in scenario planning. They were a part of the development team for Envision Tomorrow, an original planning tool that allows users to analyze how their community’s current growth pattern and future decisions impacting growth will impact a range of measures from public health, fiscal resiliency and environmental sustainability. 3J worked with Julia and Scott on the Redmond Vision and Comprehensive Plan Update project where they provided their scenario planning expertise.

Join us in welcoming Scott and Julia to our team!

Scott Fregonese and Julia Reisemann join 3J Consulting adding additional depth to our capabilities.

Julia and Scott were part of the development team that created scenario planning software, Envision Tomorrow.

While at Fregonese Associates, Scott and Julia were on 3J’s team to assist the City of Redmond with updating their vision and comprehensive plan. 

"The opportunity to join the awesome team at 3J was something that I couldn’t pass up. I look forward to working on cutting edge planning projects with the support of a great group of professionals." - Scott Fregonese

“I am excited to be part of the 3J team. I look forward to working with a fantastic group on innovative projects. I cannot wait to use GIS with drones, solar, and other engineering endeavors.” -Julia Reisemann