Anaïs Mathez Promoted to Planning Lead

3J Consulting’s Anaïs Mathez, AICP was recently promoted to Planning Lead. In this new role, she will manage 3J’s Long Range Planning Team and workload. Anaïs has over 6 years of experience and has worked at 3J for 4 years. She works with clients to assess current conditions and strategically plan for the future. Anaïs is an expert facilitator and public engagement practitioner and specializes in helping communities update their comprehensive plans. Please help us congratulate Anaïs on her promotion!

Anaïs has conducted award-winning public engagement for both the Milwaukie Vision and Action Plan and the Cornelius Town Center Plan.

Anaïs builds great relationships with her clients and actively pursues new projects.

Anaïs is a team player with both client projects and fun staff events!