3J’s Chief Engineering Manager Receives Industry Recognition

On December 12, 2019,  3J’s Chief Engineering Manager Gregg Weston, PE was recognized for leaving a lasting legacy on the local building industry. The Daily Journal of Commerce (DJC) held it’s 2nd Annual Phenoms & Icons event at the Sentinel Hotel where they honored 22 men and women. Gregg was one of 12 people who were awarded the Icon award.

A graduate of the University of Portland, Gregg has been contributing to the growth and development of the Portland Metro area for over 40 years. Getting the chance to hear any of his stories about the local landmark projects he was involved with is a treat. From the South Waterfront Redevelopment to the Portland to Milwaukie Light Rail, Gregg has played a big role in helping shape the Portland Metro area.

Read more about what makes Gregg an icon in his DJC featured profile.