3J Helping Guide Future Development for Coquille Indian Tribe

The Coquille Indian Tribe (CIT) is a sovereign Nation whose binding thread is the Coquille people – where Tribal sovereignty, culture, social and economic welfare and common resources are protected and advanced. The 3J Community Planning team is pleased to announce the completion of the Empire Comprehensive Plan, which guides development for approximately 1,100 acres in Coos County, Oregon in accordance with the vision and mission of CIT.

The Empire Comprehensive Plan sought input from CIT stakeholder groups about community goals and values to develop land use zones that meet the housing and employment needs of the Tribe, develop a multi-modal transportation network, and balance future development with environmental resource protection and the existing natural and cultural significance of the land. The CIT Tribal Council approved the plan on July 14, 2018.

The Coquille Indian Tribe’s (CIT) Empire property encompasses approximately 1,100 acres in Coos County, Oregon.

Completing a Comprehensive Plan for the CIT Empire property is listed as one of the Tribe’s priorities in the 2006-2010 CIT Strategic Plan.

The Empire Comprehensive Plan designates land use zones that meet the needs of the Tribe and develops a transportation network that connects land uses to access roads outside of the properties and is supportive of people traveling on foot, by bicycle and on transit.

A variety of strategies were used to engage CIT members as well as service providers and adjacent communities. A team, comprised of state and local government and CIT representatives, met four times over the course of the project to provide technical guidance and input throughout the planning process.

The team provided an assessment of natural and cultural resources.