South End Concept Plan for Oregon City

Oregon City, OR

The South End Concept Plan preserves what residents value most about Oregon City’s South End area while planning for additional future residents.

About this Project

Today, South End is a predominantly residential area of low-density single-family homes, with a mix of larger-lot county subdivisions and newly developed city subdivisions. The South End Concept Plan establishes a series of walkable and diverse new neighborhoods that are modeled after the most valued and beloved historic neighborhoods in Oregon City and throughout the region. A robust and comprehensive community engagement process formed the basis of the Concept Plan, defining the community’s vision and values. Key goals that emerged from this process include:

  • Preservation of contiguous natural spaces, wildlife corridors, and wetland areas.
  • Creation of new parks, open spaces and gathering places.
  • Diversifying housing types include a mix of single-family, multi-family, and mixed-use designations.
  • Completing the road network to promote connectivity and increase travel options.
  • Improving pedestrian sidewalks, pathways and bicycle lanes
  • Construction of new water and sewer infrastructure and adding stormwater retention ponds and swales along with natural features.


  • Client

    City of Oregon City

  • Completion Date

    October 2013

  • Services

    • Land Use Planning
Southeast Concept Plan for Oregon City

A balanced mix of natural open spaces, diverse housing options, pedestrian pathways, roads, and infrastructure characterizes the South End Concept Plan.