Land Use Planning

We consider all facets of land development to capitalize on what’s at the heart of any project.


The development of a commercial, industrial, residential or public project depends first on a site plan that capitalizes on the land’s unique physical characteristics. With unique backgrounds in design and planning, our teams support the seamless movement of concept designs through the land use entitlement process. By maximizing opportunities for return, we support the development’s ultimate success.

For local and state agencies, we understand how to successfully process residential, commercial, industrial and institutional applications, and prepare long range planning documents and white papers. We support staff in creating Comprehensive Plan Amendments, crafting area specific plans for local jurisdictions, and updating zoning codes to reflect changes in national, state, county and local laws and policies.

We know how to deftly balance political and technical demands as we steward private projects through the jurisdictional approval processes. With continual involvement in local planning circles and civic organizations, we constantly monitor changes and updates to comprehensive plans, code revisions, and the State’s planning framework, as well as any changes or increases in system development charges.


Land Use Review

We process applications for various project types, and prepare notices, staff reports and other related land use documents.

Feasibility & Timing

We analyze approvals and potential construction options during planning to ensure timely and rational realization of projects.

Preliminary Site Mapping

We subscribe to METRO’s GIS Data program and can create GIS or AutoCAD base maps of sites with boundaries, resources, contours and site features on short notice.

Concept Planning

We quickly analyze code documents and regulations to produce preliminary designs for sites and facilities that meet the standards of all applicable jurisdictions.

Compliance Design Review

Prior to submission for land use approvals, 3J reviews project designs and submission materials to ensure that agencies have everything necessary to make swift and favorable decisions. We provide all required components from the outset to limit requests for additional materials.

Project Follow Through

To assist our clients with satisfactory project completion, we are able to see a project through not only the land use decision phase, but also the final plat or site plan review. We monitor the assigned conditions of approval to decision is implemented at the appropriate stages of development.

Public Involvement

Positive and inclusive public involvement is integral to all successful planning projects. We diligently present projects to community members and stakeholders, soliciting their input to improve our designs and establish strategic support.

Condition Of Approval Satisfaction

To assist our clients with satisfaction of the conditions of approval, we have been engaged to prepare CoA Matrices and Responsibility Charts, which monitor progress against realistic schedules.

Site Constraints & Opportunities Analysis

With experience in small and large land use planning and individual site development, 3J can provide clients with expert analysis of developed and undeveloped lands within their portfolio.

Jurisdiction Representation

We perform all City staff duties, including facilitating pre-application meetings, representing the City at public hearings and implementing the City’s planning work program in any way necessary.

Permitting Schedules & Entitlements

Ranging from comprehensive plan changes to simple property line adjustments, we understand land use processes.

“We have found the 3J team to be very professional. They have made great recommendations to our planning commission. I highly recommend them.”
Blake Boyles, City Manager City of North Plains