Community Planning

We understand how planning and public involvement work must be delivered to equally support the goals of our clients and the character of the communities they serve.


Community Planning begins with a plan that captures the community’s or owner’s vision and recognizes the land’s unique physical characteristics. With backgrounds in design and planning, our team has the expertise to prepare a full range of plans from a conceptual plan for hundreds of acres to site of less than one acre. Through the application of simple and elegant design principals, we facilitate the seamless movement from design to successful implementation.

We work with cities and counties to successfully process residential, commercial, industrial and institutional development applications, and prepare long range planning and policy documents. We produce Comprehensive Plan updates and amendments, craft specific area plans, and update zoning codes to reflect changes in national, state, county and local laws and policies.

We know how to deftly balance political and technical demands as we steward private projects through the jurisdictional approval processes. With continual involvement in local planning circles and civic organizations, we constantly monitor changes and updates to comprehensive plans, code revisions, and the State’s planning framework, as well as policy or fee adjustments which affect our client’s investments.


Feasibility & Timing

We understand that a development project’s scope and schedule must be identified early in the process. We are adept at analyzing the highest and best uses of properties while considering costs and scheduling implications.

Master Planning

Conceptual master plans bring our project management, land use planning and public involvement skills to bear. We manage multi-disciplinary teams to prepare implementable plans that realize each community’s unique vision for growth.

Mapping & GIS

We create base maps with boundaries, natural resources, contours and site features and use them to prepare site plans and better understand potential constraints.

Public Involvement

Positive and inclusive public involvement is integral to all successful planning projects. We design and facilitate processes to engage community members, resulting in superior products and broad support.

Site Planning

With several exceptional site designers on staff, 3J quickly analyzes code documents and regulations to produce elegant designs for sites and facilities that respond to the standards of the applicable jurisdictions.

Comprehensive Planning

Our comprehensive plans begin with an intensive process to reveal the community’s vision for the future. We work with community members to translate that vision into the goals and policies that guide future growth and development and actions needed to implement the vision.

Entitlement Planning

Each design is prepared while considering the land use approval process and requirements of each site’s underlying code requirements. 3J’s entitlement experience includes, UGB expansions, annexations, comprehensive plan amendments and rezoning applications as well as subdivisions and development review proposals. We understand how to secure approvals to achieve your vision.

Contract Staffing

We perform all city staff duties, including facilitating pre-application meetings, representing cities at public hearings and implementing cities’ planning work programs in any way necessary.

Regional Planning

Our staff has experience working in large multi-state regions, highly urbanized areas, and rural parts of the country.  We understand that, in order to realize the broad goals set forth in a regional vision, these goals must be actionable at the local level. That is why we continually revisit communities in regions where we have worked to help local leaders in planning efforts at a range of scales.

Scenario Planning

Rather than focusing on a single future for the region, we use scenario planning to explore a range of possible futures. For each project, the team develops a series of alternative growth land use/transportation scenarios that incorporate workshop participant and stakeholder feedback.


“We have found the 3J team to be very professional. They have made great recommendations to our planning commission. I highly recommend them.”
Blake Boyles, Public Works Director City of North Plains